Wednesday, February 10, 2010


*In the morning when Hayven wakes up she giggles with excitement at seeing her big sister. *She follows her around all day. Sometimes she gets shooed away and other times they both
giggle so hard it makes me laugh.
*If Jayda dances...Hayven dances too! If Jayda is pushing buttons on the VCR/DVD player then
Hayven wants to push buttons too.
*Although Hayven likes to do things on her own she prefers to follow her big sister!
*Hayven loves climbing onto Jaydas bed and playing.
*If Jayda digs in the scrapbook drawers for paper...Hayven heads over there and does the same!
*Hayven tries to write/color on paper just like Jayda.
*Sometimes I hear..."Hayven go away."
*Sometimes I hear laughing as Jayda is dragging Hayven by one arm.

She loves to follow her big sister. I'd say it's a like/annoy relationship!

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