Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dream or Reality

Just an ordinary day...until...

It was just an ordinary day playing with the girls. Until Zach got home that is! He had already told me he had dinner covered! He immediately started washing dishes. Yes...that's strange! He does dishes, but not usually right when he gets home. So I thought hmm...maybe he's just doing that cause it's my birthday!

Then he all of a sudden says you gotta be ready in 5 minutes. mind starts pondering! So we got all ready. I said do I need to dress up. Nope he said! Before we leave I notice there are 9 coffee mugs out. I say that's a lot of mugs for only 4 people that usually drink coffee at small group. He shrugged it off. All right...and we're off. My mind is going through all the options as we are driving over towards Cokato. We stop at DQ. I think hmm...ok quick dinner before small group. Nope he just runs in to get a cake! Next stop Marketplace. I ask, "are we eating here?" Nope he says. He runs in...for a while. Comes back with pop and candles, although I didn't know this til we got home. Then we head towards home. I'm thinking wow not much time to eat or do anything before small group. I say, "wow that was a fun trip." Now I'm starting to think there must be people at our house cause why else would he drag me all the way over to Cokato? I was quite excited to see many cars outside our house and be welcomed with a big, "surprise" when I got home! THANKS SO MUCH! To my wonderful hubby who went to all the work to order pizza, get everyone here and keep it all from me....which by the way is not easy ; ) Thanks for the gifts everyone and for sharing in my special day! You mean so much to me! I smiled when I woke up this morning as I had to determine if it was a dream or reality. Would have been a great dream...but the reality was even better!

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