Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling Crushed

Sitting outside on a beautiful warm March day. We took our lunch outside for a picnic. A chip got dropped on the ground and broke into many pieces after Hayven stepped on it.

After a short time I spot an ant near us. I tried coaxing it towards a tiny piece of chip because I thought wow what a great school lesson to watch an ant carry the chip. The ant found the chip much to my coaxing = )

Jayda and I were intently watching and tried sharing our excitement with Hayven. To our surprise (which shouldn't have been a surprise...she's 3) BIG FOOT picks up her foot and STOMP!

I gasped and said HAYVEN DON'T STEP ON IT!! Jayda cried = (

So we decided to wait for another ant...we continued to wait...and wait...and wait...apparently there was only one ant around! Eventually one did come. We watched him work really hard trying to carry a big piece of a chip. He carried it a short distance and then would stop and then carry a short distance again until he gave up. We picked up a smaller piece and put it by him. He picked it up and carried it off quickly. We followed him. He carried it all the way across the driveway, over little piles of leaves and other junk we have piled up by our garage. We wanted to see where he was going, but gave up after a while....videos to come later = )

God's creation of ants....TRULY AMAZING!!

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