Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Is she really not a baby anymore?? Walking, squawking, giggling, getting into things even though she knows she shouldn't...YUP it's true...a toddler she is! She loves carrying around the Chipmunks. She thinks it's the most fun thing to push buttons on the DVD player. When you go towards her she tries to run away quickly! She loves to climb on chairs and relax just because she can. She's quite proud too. She thinks it's pretty funny when I forget to put the gate up by the steps. She quickly reminds me when I hear her bellar from the top of the stairs with a big grin on her face.

She loves to stick out her tongue.

She attempted to clip her toenails because she saw mommy doing that. She has caught on to the copying game. If mommy sits on the floor she will sit down too.

She loves to clap...and stick out her tongue...again!
Growing sooo very fast, yet brings so much joy to my life each day!
Keep smiling kiddo!

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