Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tupperware SALE!!

Tupperware Sale!! These are products I ordered and am selling them! They are all at a discount price. It's a first come, first serve! You may stop by and look at them if you wish! Great for Christmas gifts!!

Red Stuffables set of 4 (2 sets available) each set: $18.00
Citrus Juicer (2 available) each: $6.00
Orange Containers (Set of 4) 2 sets available, each set: $16.00
Freezer Mini's (set of 2) 2 sets available, each set: $5.00
Green Insulated Mug with sipless straw (2 available) each: $11.00
Cream and Sugar containers (2 sets available) each set $11.00
Southwest Chipotle seasoning packet (1 available): $6.00 (reg 7.50)
Green Stuffable Container (1 available): $6.00
Orange Bowls (set of 2) 2 sets available, each set: $12.00
ALL BRAND NEW!! 2 SETS OF EACH AVAILABLE (except green stuffable container and seasoning packet)

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