Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thrills with no chills

Wed Aug 26 Zach and I got a free day at Valleyfair thanks to Zach's boss! Last year only employees went. This year Each employee got the option to bring someone with them! Zach chose to bring me. How nice! Even though I don't ride the big rides he still chose to bring me!
This is us on the ferris wheel!
This is a picture of us on the train that drives around the park. It was quite a bumpy and rough ride.

This is Zach, Natalie and Phil.

This is Vicky, Sommer and I.

This is when we were in line for the scrambler.
It was such a fun day. Thanks to Kristi for keeping the girls ALL day! That was such a blessing. It was perfect weather-wise. Not hot at all! I did get burnt though. Oops!!

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