Monday, December 22, 2008

A Must Read...for Everyone!

Hey so I was browsing through the new non-fiction books at the library. I love to read! A title caught my attention..."Jim & Casper Go To Church." Immediately my wheels start spinning trying to figure out what this book could possibly be about. So I took it off the shelf to inquire further. The book is about...A believer, an atheist, an unlikely friendship... So the title says! Definitely something I knew I needed to read. It's written by Jim Henderson and Matt Casper. They chose 12 churches to visit throughout the country. This book is full of answers to tough questions from their perspectives. None of these churches knew this was going on until the book was published. So if you want to see what their findings were or you have similar questions then check out this book at the library! I'm halfway through it and can't put it down. Makes me wonder what people think when they come visit our church...

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